Constance Boakye, the enigmatic force behind ACHIAA, effortlessly marries the ancestral rhythms of Ghana with the pulsating heart of New York City. A product of the Bronx’s diverse tapestry and the Ashanti tribe’s storied legacy, her journey is one of subtle contrasts and profound resonances.

Trained at Buffalo State College and later refining her insights at Hunter College, Constance’s academic pursuits subtly wove her penchant for fashion with a deeper narrative of empowerment. While her professional endeavors hinted at a trajectory towards advocacy, a whispered intuition beckoned—a silent call to sculpt a sartorial language that spoke to the soul of the modern woman.

In the cocoon of 2022, ACHIAA emerged—a brand not defined by fleeting trends but anchored in timeless ethos. Here, garments are not mere attire; they are narratives, each stitch and silhouette echoing tales of strength, grace, and unspoken allure.

ACHIAA stands as a testament to Constance’s vision—a realm where fashion meets mystique, and legacy meets conscience.

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